Meet the Team

Kate Lara, CPDT-KA

Kate Lara is the Lead Trainer and founder of PAWpundance Dog Training Academy. PAWpundance began as a concierge, day-training style company. She is a certified dog trainer by Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers or CCPDT and a Member APDT. PAWpundance does not teach classes, but works directly with their clients to provide the highest level of education and service.

Kate suffered a cerebral venous thrombosis. She spent a year in bed recovering with her team of pups! When she was ready to enter the workforce, she wanted to start small. She began as a dog walker. Kate worked with her walking clients on training concepts to further their relationship. She eventually began formally training the pups. When meeting a new pup as a walking client, Kate would ride along. If the pup was too aggressive or fearful, Kate was brought in to help the dogs adjust to downtown living. From here, PAWpundance was born. As a concierge style of training, Kate and her team did “day training”. For day training, Kate would work with the pups on a daily basis. Whenever possible, Team PAWpundance would update the humans whenever possible and coach the clients on training. After Covid-19, Kate transitioned the team to a virtual space on

And now PAWpundance would like to bring online dog training to you, where ever you may live. Team PAWpundance and the Locals community will share their collective learned experiences and knowledge and hopefully make a bigger impact. Please join Team PAWpundance!

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Meghan Garner

Meghan began as a trainer with PAWpundance. She quickly found her place on the team as the Marketing Manager. She also continued to work as a trainer/walker and back-up to Kate Lara. She created all of our beautiful marketing material and gives business start-up advice.

Fremiet Lara

Fremiet is the husband and motivator of Kate Lara. He has all the all best suggestions, books, podcasts, life decisions etc. Fremiet is the tech support and financial director for PAWpundance. He takes care of Kate to keep her healthy and helps her stay focused on the pups. Fremiet is also the best loose-leash trainer on the team. Dogs love to walk with Fremiet!

Pakita or Keets

Keets was born on Mother’s day in 2010. He inspired the training path for Kate Lara. Kate, Keets and Kate’s mother attended training together in the fall of the same year. Later Kate went to work for a gymnastic company as the customer service manager and assistant to the owner. Pakita was invited to come to work with her. The owner, Carly was a fantastic dog trainer and had multiple therapy dogs. Carly and her pups were part of a team that worked to help children in the community. Learning a lot from Carly, Keets and Kate learned a lot and Keets eventually became a service dog to Kate. During the night of Kate’s CVT, Keets was the one who went to get help. He takes good care of Kate and is always by her side.


Linux was rescued in the fall of 2012. He became a Kate’s snuggle bunny during her recovery. He also helped Kate by guiding her and stabilizing her so she could rebound. When Kate began training, Linux was her assistant for many sessions and helped dogs that were fearful with is strong, silent nature. Linux passed in 2019.


Mojave was found living under an abandoned home in Houston in 2019. He joined the pack and has been a constant joy to the family ever since. Mojave picked up loose-leash walking immediately and was able to help other dogs learn to walk on leash. Mojave is a silly pup and a big snuggle bear.


Max is a professional snuggle buddy and he herds all. Max is in charge and has been since Valentines day of 2018. When Max came to the family, he was sick and having trouble recovering from anesthesia. For two weeks, Max stared at the wall. Eventually he started coming around and then he was in full force. Max has since been an important member of the PAWpundance family. Max would accompany Kate to meet new pups and help with behavior assessment. Max is very clear with his dog-dog communication and could help us understand other pups. Max is an “alpha” and keeps everyone on their toes.


Oreo was Kate’s first dog. It’s because of Oreo that Kate has her love of pups. Oreo had a lovely soul and was always a sweet girl.