Houston Training – Inside 610

Do you live inside the 610 loop of Downtown Houston? If so, these are your options with Team PAWpundance!

Puppy Basics

Welcome your new puppy to the family by setting healthy habits.

You and your new puppy will establish a daily routine, build a positive relationship, learn to communicate via verbal, gestures and body language cues and create a solid training foundation with the PAWpundance Five tasks (Sit, Down, Stay, Come and loose-leash walking). We’ll also advise on the best tools and solutions for your specific needs (ie: toys, crates, harnesses, potty pads etc.)

Downtown Dog

Equip you dog with the skills to safely enjoy the stimulating urban environment

Puppy Basics Program. Plus: Your dog will learn basic urban safety skills, such as walking calmly through busy intersections and crowded areas and obeying cues in distracting environments. Your pup will also begin developing early socialization skills, and you will gain the necessary tools to help steer away from any developing, destructive habits or anxiety-driven behavior.

Best in show

Establish a strong foundation for your puppy to be a healthy, happy, calm companion.

Downtown Dog Program, Plus: Your dog will be fully equipped with all urban safety skills, including responding to cues at a distance and when distracted, showing minimal reaction to everyday events, and socializing politely both on- and off-leash. His daily habits routine will be calm and consistent, and you will have full support for any continuing anxiety- or fear-based behavior.

Let’s Train together!

For just $2/Month you can train with us on our Locals page!