About Us

PAWpundance Online Dog Training Academy

Welcome to PAWpundance Dog training Academy. We are excited you chose to join our community!!

We are a community of positive dog/animal people that want to share our experiences and help each other grow. And Locals is an “ad-free experience” so a minimal contribution goes a long way to support our tech.

We want to see your furbabies!!

We are here to help with any question you might have about training/behavior and more. We are a little silly here at PAWpundance. There are three things you might find here: paws, puns and occasionally a dance or two. Let’s have some fun, some laughs and improved relationships with our pups.

Our animal view:

We invited another species to come live in our homes. This is not an accessory like another purse. These pups are our guests. They do not speak our language. And just like the movie, ET, we don’t want to be the scary government personnel trying to coerce/manipulate a scared/confused being. We want to be like Elliot. We want to try to communicate and guide ET to understand our world. We want to invite our pups into our lives, improve communication and guide them like Elliot with the Reeces Pieces, to understand how to succeed in our world. We create systems of training so that both the “hooman” and pup can make changes and be successful in a meaningful way. We help the humans understand the pups. And we help set the pups up for success in a human world. We reframe the situations many people are frustrated by and the change in view can change the approach.

Join us and learn a new way to think about the animals in your life.

Here’s how it works:

Join the community and become a member. Have access to a community of dog people that are also interested in PAW-sitive training.

Subscribe, become a supporter and have access to training videos. Current plus past training videos and a lesson will be uploaded regularly. Use Code: Puppy100 to receive a free month for the first 100 members.

Premium Access and become a paw-rtner. Once we have 100 members in our community, we will be offering virtual training via premium access. This means you will be able to train with us no matter where you are. We will have one-on-one, regular, virtual training sessions to help coach you and your pup. We will begin with a behavioral analysis, a consultation and a training plan.

Hurry up and be one of the first 100 people to join our community!! And get a code for discounted premium access when it’s available.